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Flying time to:
Grand Bahama Island
North Eleuthera
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
George Town, Exuma
and Bimini

Miami - 55 minutes
Ft. Lauderdale - 55 minutes
Atlanta - 2 hours
Chicago - 3.5 hours
New York - 2.5 hours
Los Angeles - 6 hours
Washington D.C. - 3 hours
Toronto, Canada - 3 hours
London, England - 9 hours



Film Production in The Bahamas during the last 5 years
1.  October/December 2003, New Line Cinema, "After The Sunset,"
2.  January/March 2004, MGM,"Into the Blue."
3.  April/May 2004, Future Film/T-Pictures, "Three,"
4.  July 2004, Lionsgate, "Open Water,"
5.  May 2005 - February 2006, Walt Disney Pictures, "Pirates of The Caribbean II,"
6.  May 2005 - February 2006, Walt Disney Pictures, "Pirates of The Caribbean III,"
7.  June/July 2005, Quantum Entertainment/Galaxy Productions, "Eye of The Dolphin,"
8.  February/April 2006, Sony Pictures, "Casino Royale,"
9.  January/February 2007, Rain Films, Ltd. "Rain,"
10. March/April, 2007, Good Looking Ink Films, "Sirens of Eleuthera " (Mysteries),
11. April 2007, Warner Brothers Pictures, "Fool's Gold,"
12. June/July 2007, Mari Films, "Matrimonio Alle Bahamas,"
13. October 2007, Universal Pictures, "Pink Panther II,"
14. January 2008, 40 Acres and A Mule, "Miracle At St. Anna,"
15. February/March 2008, Hoffmann & Voges Entertainment "Der Sea Wolf," (German Television MOW),
16. April 2008, Universal Pictures, "Duplicity,"
17. May/July 2008, Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision, Ltd. (Bollywood Film) "Blue,"
18. May/June 2008, Paradise Productions, LLC., "Beneath The Blue"
19. May/June 2008, Mercury Rising Productions, "Children of God,"
20. June 2009, Lionsgate Films, “5 Killers,
21. July 2009, Tyler Perry Studios, “Why Did I Get Married TOO?”
22. July/August 2009, Stray Dog Productions, “Windjammers,”
23. November 2009, Hannah/Ross Production, “The Troubadour,”

Feature Films Shot in Eleuthera

1. April/May 2004, T-Film/Future Pictures, Three,
starring Billy Zane, Juan Pablo Depace and Kelly Brooke;
2. June 2005, Mercury Rising Media, (Kareem Mortimer) Eleutheran Adventure, documentary film;
3. Jan/Feb. 2007, Rain Films, Ltd, Rain starring, Ranel Brown, Calvin Lockhart, CC H Pounder, Irma P. Hall and Nicki Micheaux;
4. March/April 2007, Good Looking Ink Films, Survival Island starring, Antonio Sabato Jr. and James Brolin;
5. April 2007, Warner Brothers Studios, Fool's Gold starring, Donald Sutherland, Mathew McConaughey, Kate Hudson;
6. May/June 2008, Mercury Rising Media, Children of God starring, Johnny Ferro, Stephen Tyrone Williams and Ron Brown;
7. July 2009, Tyler Perry Studios, Why Did I Get Married TOO? starring,J anet Jackson, Malik Yoba, Sharon Leal, Idris Elba and Tyler Perry;
8. Nov. 2009, Hannah/Ross Productions, The Troubadour starring, student actors;
9. Coming May 2010, Satyricon Pictures, Title TBD

Film Photo Archives

Behind the scenes (3/2010)

Today Show shines spotlight on Swimming Pigs
Alvin & The Chipmunks 3 films in Nassau
Film shoot for French Television show “Free Diving”- Nassau
Photo shoot for Lands End - Harbour Island
Photo shoot for Kerzner International - Atlantis, Resort
Veranda Magazine Photo Shoot - Still photography of private residence - Nassau
Forest Johnson Photography - Photo Shoot of Magnum Marine Boat - Bimini
Wedding TV Ltd - Filming wedding and honeymoon destinations - Nassau
Oasis of the Sea - Discovery Channel Canada - Inauguration Voyage - Nassau
ELLE Fashion Photo Shoot - Nassau
Fashion shoot for SOMA - Harbour Island
Photo shoot for Kersner International Resorts Inc.- Atlantis Resort
NEP Tunic TV - TV shoot at Stuarts Cove - Nassau
KF Productions - Fashion Photo shoot - Nassau
Photo shoot for “H & M Productions” - Nassau
TV series called, “Poker Stars PCA 2010” - Atlantis Resort

Scene from CBS' pilot, Bull

On the set of Bull at Junkanoo Beach are: Director Rodrigo Garcia, Bahamas Film Commissioner Clarence Rolle, First Asst. Camera Operator Jay Looby and Director of Photography, Igor Jadue.

A Bahamas scene from episode one of Bull.

Today Show shines spotlight on Swimming Pigs

The Bahamas' famous swimming pigs of Exuma got their own Today Show segment. NBC correspondent Kerry Sanders completed a fun-filled report on this major tourist attraction in The Bahamas.

Alvin & The Chipmunks 3 films in Nassau

Fox Studios, Inc. is presently in Nassau with their location scout and marine coordinator to shoot scenes for Alvin & The Chipmunks 3, at locations in and around Nassau. The project brings the Chipmunks to an exotic tropical location, where they embark on new and wonderful experiences soaking up the sun,sand and sea. The Bahamas Film and Television Commission is excited about this project as it demonstrates the range of film work that can be done in the Bahamas, and continue the promotion of The Bahamas as a film location destination.

Image attached L-R: Fabio Arber, locations manager, Fox Studios, Angela Archer, Bahamas Film Commission, Rico Browning, Marine Coordinator, Craig Woods, film commissioner.

This year we have been busy once again on a series of shark productions in the Bahamas, most notably a Gillette commercial that involved a huge crew and a boatload of dignitaries from the Bahamas Film Commission. Getting to meet the "Queen of Productions," Donna Mackey in person and wrangling sharks together on the back deck was one of the many highlights of this amazing shoot.

Find out more.

The Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders conducted their 2011 calendar shoot April 29th to May 9th at various location throughout Nassau and Paradise Island. The cheerleaders squad brought in 30 model/cheerleaders to participate in the shoot. Filming took place at the Bonefish National Park, Clifton Heritage National Park, the ground of Nassau Wyndham Hotel, and Ft. Charlotte. The calendar will be distributed to some fortune 500 companies who have sky boxes at the Ravens Stadium, to boosters and other supporters of the team. It provides a high-profile promotions piece for The Islands of The Bahamas.

The documentary film Founding Fathers, has been a big hit both locally and internationally. The film by Bahamian filmmaker, Travolta Cooper asked the question , Why Did Sir Stafford Sands leave The Bahamas? This production, based on the life of Sir Stafford Sands, considered the architect of the modern Bahamas financial and tourism sectors, has sold several thousand copies abroad and at home with sales in Bimini, Nassau, Grand Bahama and Eleuthera. The filmed has been screened three times which alone generated over 10,000 in retail sales. Local outlets in the Bahamas; Logos, Chapter One and The National Art Gallery have generated tremendous interests and sales. The Counsellors, Ltd. has been the driving force behind this project, and is about to place the documentary film on-line to encourage more foreign sales. Arguably this is the most successful documentary film produced in The Bahamas since The Birth Of A Nation, produced during the 1970's. Several hundred copies have been ordered by Channel 12 Cable Station to be used in promotions and other marketing efforts.



Filmmaker Travolta Cooper at press conference
Panel Discussion, filmmaker Travolta Cooper along with L-R. Sir William Allen, Sir Arthur Foulkes, Archbishop Drexel Gomez, Lionel Levine and Dr. Gail Saunders

Bahamian actor/producer/director/writer, Sir Sidney Poitier,
and Bahamian filmmaker, Calvin Harris from Denver, Colorado.

Calvin Harris has two documentary films, On The Wings of Men, and The Great Recession due for release this summer. He released a high concept comedy script a few years ago entitled "Cable Call Center" about a customer service operation. The film is about a group of rag tag employees ban together to blackmail the vice president of their company; Cable World,in order to receive a severance package before their customer service jobs are out-source to a company in India. Calvin is presently in development on a narrative feature film entitled "Black Moses."This film will of course explore the historical path Sir Lynden Pindling, and other members of the Magnificent Six took to liberate the Bahamas from a long standing British Monarchy with victory in the 1967 national general election, resulting in majority rule, and his personal fight with the US Government Foreign Policies in the 1980's. Calvin has plans to enter his films in Bahamas International Film Festival, (BIFF) 2010. Sir Sidney is featured in Calvin's script, he provides useful insight to matters during his early days in Nassau during the 1930's.

View interview from producer, Claire Falconer, Satyricon Pictures about the independent feature film, which is due to be shot on Eleuthera in April/May 2010. Click to View!


Behind-the-scenes from the feature film "The Troubadour" which shoot on Eleuthera during "Thanksgiving Holiday."
"Exclusive Behind the Scenes: Defence Force catches bad guy on "Ugly Betty" Season 4 , Bahamas Episode by Kevin Kemp, Film Commission, MOT" (Oct. 2009) Nassau, Bahamas- The Film Commission office welcomed the stars of the popular ABC TV comedy “Ugly Betty”, Season 4 which was being filmed primarily at Atlantis Cove Resorts. Members of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, and a number of Bahamians were on the set as extras and some worked with the film crew like, Julian Lord (Key Grip) from J.L Filmworks. This was not the first time the Defence force has appeared in a Network TV program. In 2004 the RBDF appeared in the feature film “Into the Blue” and in an episode of CSI-Miami. “Ugly Betty” was shot on Sony’s F23 Cine Alta Digital Cinema Cameras to be broadcast in HD format. The show is expected to air sometime in late Nov or early December.
Defence Force officers, Vanessa Williams and actor playing bad guy film a scene  
Ugly Betty film crew in action
Panavised Sony f23 Cine Alta
Kevin Kemp and Craig Woods meet America Ferrera star of "Ugly Betty"
Royal Bahamas Defence Force in full gear during shot.
Commissioner Craig Woods meets actress Vanessa Williams
Bahamians working on set J.L Filmworks Antionne Rolle, Julian Lord and Burton Lightbourne
Filming at Atlantis Cove
"Baltimore Raven Cheerleaders" - (May 2009)

"Fresh" - photo taken on set last week during the filming of the
local production written and directed by Clarence Rolle. The film
depicts the struggles of a closely-knitted family who struggle through job
loss, depression and family trauma. The family is beset by severe problems
which resulted in one member having to avoid the law due to bad choices
made in the past. Fresh is a short film which will be entered in Bahamas
International Film Festival, (BIFF) 2009. (May 24, 2009 Update)
(L-R) Clarence Rolle, director of Fresh; Craig Woods, Craig Lenihan, director of photography for Fresh;
Bonnie Rolle, script supervisor and Gene Cage, lead actor.
"FIFA" images below taken during the shooting of the FIFA video which
will be used to promote The Bahamas during the Federation International de
Football Association, (FIFA) in June 2009.congress opening video shot in the Bahamas. Filming locations included Festival Place, Parliament Square, Frederick Street steps, Arawak Cay, Pirates Museum and the NAGB. (May 24, 2009 Update)
The Cameraman in the Bucket Truck

Some wonderful local talent

"Burn Notice" - Last week the Bahamas Film and Television Commission visited the set of the television production of 'Burn Notice' which airs on USA Cable Network, produced by Fox Television Studios

Film Commission with co-star of Burn Notice, Gabrielle Anwar and Ellen Jacoby, casting director

Film Commission with lead actor, Jeffrey Donovan with production team from "Burn Notice"  

Film Commissioner with executive producer Jeff Freilich

"Scrubs" - NBC TV Show Series On Location in The Abacos 

Ken Jenkins (Dr. Bob Kelso), Kendy Anderson (Abaco BTO), Meredith Phares (Weber Shandwick), Erin Burden (Weber Shandwick), Zach Braff (Dr. John “J.D.” Dorian), Sarah Chalke (Dr. Elliot Reid), Tara Walls (Rogers and Cowan), Michelle Mikula (Abaco BTO), Donald Faison (Dr. Christopher Turk).  Photo Credit: Dean Hendler
The Scrubs cast and crew on Hopetown Harbour Lodge beach in Abaco, Bahamas.

John C. McGinley (Dr. Perry Cox), Christa Miller (Jordan Sullivan), Sarah Chalke (Dr. Elliot Reid), Zach Braff (Dr. John "J.D."
Dorian), Donald Faison (Dr. Christopher Turk), Judy Reyes (Nurse Carla Espinosa)

Zach Braff (Dr. John "J.D." Dorian)

'Way of The Dolphin" 
'Way of The Dolphin" The film is the sequel to the indie production 'Eye of The Dolphin" which shot on Grand Bahama Island in 2005 by Los Angeles based
production company Quantum Entertainment. The film examines the research and development of Dolphins, to learn their language and how they can assist mankind in better understanding the marine environment. The lead actor is Caitlin Wachs, with co-stars: David Keith, Samantha Jade, Paul Wesley, George Harris, Christine Adams, support by Bahamian actor,Leah Eneas, who has a sweet role in the film as she plays the rambunctious character Duvey.

Locations shots, during production
Left to right,  actor, George Harris, Betty Bethel - Grand Bahama Film Office and Film Commissioner Craig Woods  

George Harris and Film Commissioner Craig Woods

Film Commissioner Craig Woods and David Keith

Caitlin Wachs, who plays Alyssa is the lead actor in the film

Supported by Bahamian actor, Leah Eneas

German television movie, 'The Sea Wolf.' (May 2008 Update)
Behind-the-scenes for the The film is based on the adventures of 1906 in San Francisco, as literary critic Humphrey van Weyden boards the ferry to Sacramento. Soon thereafter,  in the heavy fog, the ferry collides with a freight ship and sinks. Drifting in water near dead Van Weyden is picked up by the schooner 'Ghost.' The seal-hunter 'Ghost' is under the brutal command of Wolf Larson, who is sailing toward hi favorite hunting grounds in the Pacific.... the rest is history.

Lead actor, Thomas Kretschmann, film commissioner, Craig Woods and director, Christophe Schrewe

'The Ghost' the ship used in the film

Fight scene with Wolf Larson and Henning

Bollywood filming the feature film, 'Blue' (June 2008 Update)
The India Bollywood production company, Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision, Ltd. filming the feature film, "Blue" on location here in Nassau/Paradise. The director is Anthony D'Souza, with Dhaval Jatania as co-producer. Lead actors are Akshay Kumar, Lara Dutta, (former Ms. Universe 2001) and Sanjay Dutt. Filming started June 3rd, and will wrap on July 12th.

Director, Anthony D'Souza actress, Lara Dutta and film commissioner Craig Woods

film commissioner, Akshay Kumar and director, Anthony D'Souza

Film commissioner Craig Woods, Sanjay Dutt and director, Anthony D'Souza
Bollywood Film Party at Breezes (July 2008 Update)  

Spike Lee filming "Miracle At St. Anna" (Jan. 25 2008 Update)
 Academy Award Nominated director, Spike Lee is in Nassau over the next few days completing filming of the motion picture, " Miracle At St. Anna." which also filmed in Italy, New York and Louisiana. The film is based on the WWII novel written by James McBride on the 92nd Infantry Division of the WWII Black Buffalo Soldiers. Some 15,000 strong, this group made a major impact during WWII in subverting the ranks of the allied enemy forces.

Photo left to right: Director, Spike Lee, Heather Carey, of Bahamas  Production Services and film commissioner, Craig Woods on a location scout.


'Evening Reception' with Spike Lee
Photo left to right: Commissioner Craig Woods and Spike Lee

'Evening Reception' with Spike Lee

Matrimonio alle Bahamas - 8/15/2007 presently filming in George Town, Exuma. The English translation is "Marriage in The Bahamas."  The production shot is shooting in Exuma for three weeks, after 5 days filming in Miami and will wrap with a four week shoot in Italy including post-production.
This romantic comedy pits one of Italy's finest comedic actors, Massimo Boldi with a cast of wonderful Italian actors; Anna Maria Barbera, Enzo Salvi and Lucrezia Piaggio. Matrimonio alle Bahamas will have a Christmas 2007 release in Italy, Spain France and a few Latin countries.

 BIFF - Bahamas International Film Festival 2007


Film Commissioner, Craig Woods with Joseph White and Sara Frank from the production team of 40 Acres and A Mule
Craig & Yvonne Woods along with Anthony Mackie, star of "Freedom Land, Million Dollar Baby and She Hate Me." He is now in pre-production of the bio-pic Jesse Owen
Angela Archer on a panel along with Cheryl Cartwright, chairman, Bahamas Films, Plays Control Board, Bahamian filmmaker, Kareem Mortimer, Joan Graves, chairman, Motion Picture Association of America
Angela Archer with Bahamian actor, Jonathan Murray
The Bahamas International Film Festival is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the local community and international visitors with a diverse presentation of films from around the world. In addition to offering films that might not otherwise be released theatrically in the Bahamas, BIFF will provide a unique cultural experience, educational programs, and forums for exploring the future of cinema.

For more information please visit
Sponsors for the Third Annual Bahamas International Film Festival include: Atlantis, The Ministry of Tourism, Albany House, Ansbacher, Bacardi, Bahama Hand Prints, Bahamas @ Sunrise, Bahamas Ferries, Bahamas Tourism Channel, Beauty Spot, Best Buy Furniture, Bristol Wine and Spirits, Budget Rental Car, Chopard, Club Waterloo, Coca Cola Caribbean Bottling Company, Compass Pont, FedEx Express, Fireworks Unlimited, Floral Arts, Galleria Cinemas, Hard Rock Café, Island FM, Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch, Majestic Tours, Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board, Nautilus Water, Royal Bank of Canada, The Director?s Cut, Tourist News, Tribune, Versace, Wendy?s, Zamar Group and thank you to our donors and patrons of the film festival.

Click to View Interview with Leslie Vanderpool - Founder & Executive Director at Cannes Film Festival 2007

Film Florida's Annual General Meeting in Tampa, and photos at The Legends Ball.

Egon Stephan, Sr. came to south Florida in 1957 at the request of his New York City based employer, Camera Equipment Company which later became known as F&B Ceco. When Ceco closed their Florida Office, Egon decided to stay and develop his career as a cinematographer. He became known as a specialist in aerial and underwater filming as well as a Second Unit DP on many feature films shot in South Florida. He was a member of IATSE, the Los Angeles Cameraman's union, won several Emmys and numerous other awards. Egon founded CineVideo Tech in 1968 with one camera and a dream. As his cinematography career started to take off, so did the rental inventory of CineVideo Tech, eventually becoming the largest equipment rental house in the Southeast. He was instrumental inthe growth of the Florida Film Industry, helping to form the Florida Motion Picture and TV Association, (FMPTA) and the first Florida Advisory Council, which spawned the State's Film Bureau of which Egon was the direct advisor to the Governor at the time. Egon was also an avid supporter of the AICP, DGA, and ASC and was instrumental in the formation and ongoing support of WOMPI. Egon Stephan and his company also enriched the Florida film community.  CineVideo Tech evolved as the local university for hands-on training of camera and lighting technicians, many of which are still working today in all facets of the film production industry. Egon Stephan Sr. passed away in October 2002. He left behind a legacy of professionalism and dedication that lives on today.  Picture receiving his award posthumously is his son Egon Stephan, Jr. along with Bahamas Film Commissioner, Craig A. Woods and State Film Commissioner for Florida, Paul Sirmons.

Jordan Klein, Sr. - Inventor, cinematographer, director and businessman - are all words to describe this giant in the motion picture business whose illustrious career spans more that four decades. Jordan has been directing an filming topside and specializing in underwater and serial cinematography for more than forty years. Jordan is known around the world as a director, DP an camera operator. His work can be seen in many feature films, TV shows and commercials. He has also done a great deal of highly classified work for the US Military. An International Cinematographers Guild cameraman for more that twenty-five years, Jordan's first major project was filming the underwater portion of the Flipper TV series back in 1964. His knowledge and associations throughout Florida, the Bahamas and the Caribbean are vital part of his ability to get the exact shots and scenes needed for any project. In 2002 Jordan Klein was honored with an Academy Award for Technical Achievement for his pioneering efforts in the development and application of underwater camera housings for motion pictures, most notably the creation of a camera-stabilizing device called the "Makeohead." Within 18 months of it inception, a working prototype had been created and within 2 years they had a fully functional Makeohead that is in use today throughout the film industry.  Picture with Bahamas Film Commissioner, Craig A. Woods and Jordan Klein, Sr.


Film Archives 2006

BIFF 2006 - Bahamas International Film Festival 2006

The Former Prime Minister , Perry Christie and The Former Minister of Tourism Obie Wichcombe along with Chris "Kazi" Rolle a Bahamian Rap Artist living in Brooklyn, New York who entered a Rockumentary in Bahamas International Film Festival


IFFL 2006 - International Fair for Film Locales Trade Show in Mumbai - (Bombay), India

Craig Woods and  group of Indian Film Directors, the person to the far left is Opender Chanana, secretary-general, Indian Film Directors' Association
Craig Woods and Uday Shankar Pani, screenwriter/producer, from Mumbai


Craig Woods and greeter at the IFFL, (International Fair for Film Locales) Trade Show in Mumbai, (Bombay)  India


"Legends Award 2006" Images - Ricou Browning was the recipient of the first annual award.

Craig Woods, Grace Hart-Caron and Austin Powers


Craig Woods and Ricou Browning


Bahamian Trained in Advanced Cinematography
Read the full
Press Release. 

Bahamian cinematographer Kevin Kemp is pioneering new trails in preparing for The Bahamas’ burgeoning film industry. 


Film Archives 2005
Blue 14"
Photos below with the lead actors on the set of "Blue 14 "being shot on location in Freeport and Los Angeles.

Bahamas Film Commissioner Craig Woods with director Michael D. Sellers, director of: Vlad, Quicksand, Silence, Legacy, Goodbye America, Rage and Ready and Donna Mackey, Manager of GBI (Gransd Bahama Island) Film Office.
Film Commissioner Craig Woods with the producer, Jacob Mosler and Donna Mackey, Manager of the GBI Film Office
One of the locations at Barbary Beach used in the film "Blue 14"

Bahamas Film Commissioner Craig Woods with Katherine Ross, of The Graduate, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Stepford Wives and Tell them Willie Boy is Here. And actor is Adrian Dunbar, who is from Ireland and has done most of his work in European Cinema; his most noted role was in "My Left foot", which won best actor Oscar for Daniel Day Lewis, in addition he has done work on "The Dawning", Sky Bandsits, and Shooters to name a few.


"Pirates of The Caribbean 2/3" 
Disney pirate ships under construction at Quality Services Shipyard in Freeport, Grand Bahama 6/2005

Film Archives 2003-2004
Into The Blue - View images After the Sunset - View image Three - View images
Into The Blue - Behind the scenes
Thumbs/tn_Billy Zane.jpg
Three -Behind the scenes
After the Sunset - Behind the scenes

An Impressive History Of Productions Shot On Location In The Bahamas

Around The World Under The Sea
Blood Relations (SCX Entertainment)
Captiva (Captiva Films, Inc.)
Cocoon (20th Century Fox)
Cocoon II (20th Century Fox)
Day of the Dolphin (Icarus Productions)
Deadly (Spy Game Sells Productions)
Desperate Journey (Jordan Klein Prods)
Escape (World Trade Entertainment)
Flippers New Adventure (Tors/MGM)
For Your Eyes Only (Eon/UA Prods)
Hello Down There
Hotel Paradise (Kingslor Films)
Hunters of the Reef
Islands of Dreams (Kingslor Films)
Island of the Lost (Republic Pictures)
Jaws: The Revenge (Universal Pictures)
Joker's Wild
Key Tortuga (Paramount Pictures)
Lady in Cement (20th Century Fox)
Líenfant Díeau (Les Productions Video)
Moonraker (Eon/UA Pictures)
My Father The Hero (Buena Vista)
Never Say Never Again (Warner)
River of Stone (Gecko Films)
Salty (KO Films)
Shoot to Kill (United Artists)
Silence of the Lambs (Orion)
The Boy in the Golden Kimono (Fulvia)
The Daring Game
The Island (Zanuck & Brown)
The Spy Who Loved Me (Eon/UA)
Thunderball (Eon/UA)
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Disney)

Air Canada (Canada)
American Express (U.S.)
AT & T (U.S.)
American Family Cruises (U.S.)
Bacardi Rum (U.S.)
Bayer Asprin (U.S.)
Belgium Lottery (Belgium)
Beyond Paradise/Estee Lauder
Birds Eye Ice Cream (U.S.)
Borteem Bleach (U.S.)
Budweiser Beer (U.S.)
Burdine's Dept. Store (U.S.)
Cadbury Chocolates (U.S.)
Canadian Airlines (Canada)
Canadian Holidays (Canada)
Caruba Rum (New Zealand)
Club Med (U.S.)
Consumer Credit Counsel (U.S.)
Delta Airlines (U.S.)
Diet Dr. Pepper (FL-U.S.)
Discover Credit Card (U.S.)
Dual Washing Liquid (Italy)
EEFI Food Products (Belgium)
Fanta Soft Drink (U.S.)
Fuji Film (Japan)
Fujisu Software (Japan)
GOA Soda
Heineken Beer
Holiday Inns (U.S.)
Holland American Cruise Lines
Honda Cars (U.S.)
JB Scotch (Europe)
Japanese Curry (Japan)
Kaila & Souchard Chocolat (FR)
Kawasaki Jet Skis (L.A.-US)
Kikkoman Soy Sauce (U.S.)
Kentucky Fried Chicken (U.S.)
Malibu Soft Drinks (U.S.)
McDonald's (Hong Kong)
Menicon Contact Lens (Japan)
Mild Seven Cigarettes (NY-US)
Mitsuya Cider (Japan)
Moblink Cellular (U.S.)
National Lottery Ireland
Norwegian Cruise Line (U.S.)
Orbit Chewing Gum (Sweden)
Resorts International
Revlon Ultima (U.S.)
Rothman's Cigarettes (U.S.)
Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
Saatchi-Nat (Turkish Newspaper)
Saiwa Planters Peanuts (Italy)
Segafredo Coffee (Italy)
Sharp Inc. (Japan)
Shisheido Cosmetics (Japan)
Sony (U.S.)
Spanish Perfume
Sun Classic Wine Cooler
Texas Gas
Trust House Forte Properties
US Air
Vermont American Electric Saw
Visa Credit Card
Vittal Fruit-up (France)
Vive-la-vie Butter (France)
Weekend to Wipe Out Cancer
Wilkinson Aquaglide (U.S.)
Wrigley's Sugar-free Gum (Canada)
Yoplait Yogurt (France)
A Wonderful Day (RTL Television)
America's Most Wanted (NBC)
American Sportsman (Cury Gowdy)
Aquanauts (CBS)
AT & T (Portelly Films)
Bionic Woman (Paramount)
Bob Hope Easter Special (Bob Hope)
Breath of Life (Breath of Life Prods)
Centre Spotlight Sports
Christopher Columbus (WGBH Boston)
Comedy Cruise (HBO Special)
Country Sportsman (Nashville Network)
Danny & The Mermaid (Pilot)
Earth Journal
Entertainment Tonight (Pentacom)
Eye on LA (ABC TV)
Eye on Hollywood (ABC TV)
Fishing Fever (McLand Prods)
Flipper TV Series (Ivan Tors)
Flipper TV Series (Flipper Films)
For the Love of Dolphins (City TV)
Good Morning America (ABC TV)
HBO Comedy Hour (Comedy Cruises)
History of Piracy in the Americas
Hollywood Squares (Rosner/Orion)
Jimmy Buffett Show (VTA Prods)
The Last Frontier (Mako Films)
Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous (Leach)
A Little Piece of Sunshine (Forsyth)
Look Up (Syndicated 1959-61)
Love Boat Reunion (Aaron Spelling)
Man Against The Sea
Marva Zips TV (Japanese TV)
Miss Florida Beauty Contest
Miss Hawaiian Tropics Pageant
Mission of the Shark (CBS Special)
Nakurado The World (Japan)
Nature Watch (British TV Network)
Perry Como Special (Roncom Prods)
PM Magazine (Regional Prods)
Primius (Ivan Tors Prods)
Real People (George Schlater Prods)
Regis Philbin Lifestyle (3 shows)
Roy Clarke Show
Salty the Sea Lion (Universal Studios)
Scales of Justice (CBS)
Sea Hunt TV Series (MGM)
Six Million Dollar Man (UA)
Spanner's Key (Pilot)
Survivors II (BBC TV)
The Chronicle (WCVB Boston)
The Last Frontier (Mako Films)
Tradewinds (NBC)
Wee Gold (ABC)
Wonders of the World (German TV)

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