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Ready To Film in The Bahamas?

Answers to our most-asked questions

Is there any customs fee for importation of film equipment?
A processing fee of one percent of the value of the equipment is required. The minimum fee is $10 and the maximum fee will not exceed $1,000.

Can we pay Bahamas customs fees online?
No, payment is required upon arrival in The Bahamas.

What form of payment is accepted for the customs fee upon arrival?
The fee must be paid in cash (US or Bahamian dollars).

Am I required to use a customs broker?
In most instances, you will not be required to use a customs broker. If your equipment is arriving as cargo or arriving into Grand Bahama, a customs broker will be necessary.

Are we subject to union regulations?
No, you are not subject to U.S. union regulations in The Bahamas.

Do any islands have specific or additional requirements?
Engaging a broker is always required for clearing goods on Grand Bahama Island. A broker will be assigned to the applicant.

Do I need a visa?
U.S. citizens/residents do not require a visa to visit The Bahamas. For a complete list of visa requirements, sorted by nationality, please visit this website

Where can I hire equipment locally?
You can find a list of companies providing equipment in the Bahamas Production Guide.

Where can I hire local production staff?
Please refer to the Bahamas Production Guide for a comprehensive list of production companies, production and location managers, and more.

I am a local Bahamian working in the production industry. How can I submit my company for inclusion in the Bahamas Production Guide?
Submit your company’s details and contact information online here. Your information will be vetted before it is posted to the Production Guide.

I submitted my company for inclusion in the Bahamas Production Guide. What are the next steps?
There’s nothing else you need to do. Your information will be posted to the website as soon as it is vetted and we will reach out if we need more information.

Who is required to submit an application to film in The Bahamas?
Any individual, group or company seeking to temporarily import film equipment or crew into The Bahamas must apply to film in The Bahamas.

What are the requirements to be approved for a film permit?
To be approved for a film permit, the applicant must provide an equipment list, crew list, letter of intent, and details of arrival and departure. Projects that positively impact The Bahamas’ economy, art, and culture will be favorably considered. Those with a significantly negative impact on the reputation, economy or culture of The Bahamas will not be approved.

What is the cost of a film permit?
There is no cost for a film permit. However, a fee on any equipment imported must be paid to Bahamas Customs. The cost is 1 percent of the value of the goods, up to a maximum fee of $750.

How soon can I get my film permit approved?
We require that you submit all documents at least 5-7 working days prior to arrival in The Bahamas.

Can I import/bring a drone?
Approval from Civil Aviation Authority Bahamas is needed to import a drone. Please click here for drone registration form. 

Do all drone permits also require submission of a film permit, as well? 

What is the process to bring in a drone?
Complete and submit the two drone applications available at You should attach supporting documents: any registration the drone has in its home country, pilot licenses, and insurance certificate. Any questions should be referred to Mr. Mark Major at

Can we submit the permit forms online?

Is there a fee for the drone permit application?
There is no fee for a drone permit application. However, Civil Aviation assesses a fee of $80 for each time your drone will be flown in The Bahamas for filming.